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These ferrets are NOT up for adoption. We offer a life long home to any ferrets that cannot be rehomed for any reason. These ferrets are our permanent residents which we want to share with you.



Frankie was the youngest out of the bunch when he arrived at only 12 weeks old. He had a rough start when he got here, Lily took a disliking to him, resulting in him need vet care for a hole in his back. He soon healed with a parting in his fur but him and Lily are now the best of friends. He also buddied up with one of our other hobs who is now sadly passed. He is the craziest of bunch and despite loosing his best bud you will never see Frankie in a bad mood.

Favourite thing: To be held by any human.



Albie came in November 2020 as an owner surrender. He was rescued from appauling conditions by his previous owner but they just could not give him the attention he needed. 

He hit it off with Dotty and now they are inseprable.

Favourite food: whisked egg.



Dingo is a stray hob who came to us around 2 years old. He loves nothing more than sitting on your shoulders. He took a liking to old man woozle and loves being here and around us. We decided he would stay with us and live out his days with the rest of the resident. He is very caring and gentle with the older ferrets, making him the perfect friend for the harder to mix bunch.

Favourite thing: To sit on mums shoulder, so she can't get anything done 



Babe came to us around 5 year old hob. He came in as an owner surrender. Babe is a lovely boy who is best friends with Woozle. Being a older ferret we made the decision to keep him he as a full time resident to live out his remaining time. 

Favourite thing: to sleep all day and make mum hold my head when I sleep



Berta is a stray around 3 years old. She was found in a sorry state looking like a breeding machine. She was a little underweight with ticks all over her. She has been very selective with friends since being here but has now bonded with the residence. She is living out her days with the residence, as it has been very difficult for to make friends and we feel moving her again will be very stressful on her. 

Favourite thing: To give everyone cuddles at every opportunity



Arlo is a 2 year old polecat who came to us as a stray. His behaviour presented that of a wild polecat but was confirmed to be domesticated. He has been rehabilitated but does not do well with change in environment. We decided after he was adopted out and returned to us to keep him with our residents to live in an environment he flourishes best in.

Favourite thing: To try and escape while the pens are being clean, and to show everyone else how to as well.



Thor came to us in 2023 as an owner surrender. We discovered he had an enlarged spleen, and we decided it would be in his best interest to keep him at a resident and monitor him.

Thors favourite thing: To cuddle with the ladies.



Ben came to us in 2023 as an owner surrender after he was discovered to have swimmers disease. We did a lot of hydrotherapy and physical therapy with him and he can now walk. We decided to keep him as a resident to see how he grows, and if he needs any medical intervention we can give it to him. He has made lots of friends in the residents and will live his life with them.

Favourite thing: To happy dance when new shavings are being scattered.



Ginge came to us in 2023 as an owner surrender. Due to his size we decided he would be a perfect candidate for a vasectomised hob for micro jills. He has made lots of new friends in the residents and you can often find him at the bottom of the snuggle pile.

Favourite thing: can be found always sleeping with Margrot 



Gracie came to us in 2023 after she was surrendered with her mum, dad, siblings and mums two friends. She ended up stay with her brother zippy at the rescue as the rescue owner fell in love with the pair.

Gracie is known for her tiny size but her mighty personality.

Favourite thing: To eat all shoes 



Gabe came to us in 2023 as an owner surrender. We decided due to his medium size and lovely personality we would use him as a vasectomise hob. He is a sweet boy who has lots of friends in the residents and can often be found following Dingo around like his shadow.

Favourite thing: Playing with Dingo



Zippy came to us in 2023 after he was surrendered with his mum, dad, siblings and mums two friends. He ended up stay with his sister Gracie at the rescue as the rescue owner fell in love with the pair.

Zippy like his sister Gracie is on the smaller side. You can often find zippy playing with our huge Eu Polecat Arlo.

Favourite thing: To play with Arlo



Marshmallow came to us in 2023 as an owner surrender. Due to marshys age we decided to keep him as a resident and take him out on our fundraising days. He helps us educate the public about ferrets.

favourite thing: To cuddle with everyone



Mac, Milo and Margo came to us in 2023 after being transferred from another rescue. Unfortunately they wasn't a candidate for rehome due to their nervous behaviour with strangers. We decided it would be best to keep them in a familiar environment to keep their confidence up.

Milo's favourite thing: To surprise attack to play

Mac's favourite thing: To cuddle with humans he knows

Margo's favourite thing: To cuddle with the other ferrets



David and Margrot came to us in 2023 after their owner passed away. Margrot took it hard and was very depressed. After a long time in foster with our trustee, she came out of her shell. Both David and Margrot are very bonded and we decided after their loss, it was in their best interest they would be better off in a familiar environment.

David's favourite thing: To sleep in the outside hammock

Margrot's favourite thing: To play with Dingo and Gabe



Ghost came to us in 2023 after being found as a stray. He has a lot of injuries and was very nervous. The rescue owner fell in love with him and decided to keep him as a resident. He has lots of friends and loves playing with the youngsters his age.

Favourite thing: To play rough with the big ferrets



Tulip and holly came into us from another rescue. They have been with us since jan 2024. They became residents due to Holly's old age. We didnt want to separate the pair as they do everything together.

favourite thing: Holly - trying to escape and causing chaos

tulip - to nip mum when topping up the food 

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