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Charity number - 1202585

We are a home run rescue that was set up in the name of a special ferret called Marley, who sparked the love for the species. He was unfortunately passed to three previous homes before he found his forever home. He sadly passed away after a long fight with insulinoma. It was from that point the decision was made to take on more ferrets and help those who needed more help than others. Here at Marley's Ferret Rescue and Rehoming, we are dedicated in helping ferrets in need. We aim to find loving homes for the ferrets that come into our care. However in the event a ferret cannot be rehomed, they will have a home with us for life. We do not receive any funding and only rely on donations, to carry on caring, so please consider donating with us today. 

We provide any care these ferrets need before leaving us and we make sure all ferrets are neutered and microchipped while they are with us. We are dedicated and experienced in looking after these ferrets and have numerous qualifications including completing a Bsc Hons Animal Biology and a Level 3 Animal Management.

We also take in strays and try and find their owners when possible. As well as this, we offer advice on any ferret related enquiries.

We specialise in "aggressive" and bitey ferrets and polecats. We can also bond ferrets for you if you choose to take home a friend for your ferret. 

We are a force free rescue and use only positive re-enforcement to accomplish a animal human bond. 

please be aware not all ferrets enjoy other ferrets company. We will never put an animal through unnecessary stress to bond them with one another.

If you have a ferret who is especially bitey or "aggressive" please contact us via our contact us page! 

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