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We offer boarding services at our rescue. We offer boarding to all ages of ferrets. 


£7 for 1 ferret per day

£3 for every additional ferret within the house hold per day. (must be house together, unless prior arranged with us)

The fees are calculated by the number of ferrets boarding per day and agreed drop off by the pre-arranged time on the agreed drop of date, with collection being by the pre-arranged time on the arranged collection date (unless arranged prior to this).

We ask you to provide your own food to prevent upset tummies.

We house both inside and outside, with our main boarding pens able to house up to 4 ferrets each. We also have a full secure boarding play area outside and a bedroom in which all ferrets will get time out in. 

We will NOT accept any ferret who has any contagious diseases, these are subjected but not limited to fleas, mites, worms, ECE or respiratory infections etc. We have the right to refuse boarding if the ferrets display any symptoms of contagious disease.

Long term medical conditions such as adrenal disease and insulinoma are allowed, we will need you to provide the relevant medication while your ferret is boarding with us.

To get in touch with us about boarding please use our contact us page, email or  telephone number.

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