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Help Marley's Ferret Rescue and Rehoming care for more ferrets in need!

We rely on public donations and in order to carry on caring for more ferrets, we need your support. We do not receive any funding and your donations help us to fund the vital care these guys need. Each ferret costs over £100 for basic care and a vet check up, and this is before any extra vet care they may need. We also have permanent residents here who cannot be rehomed due to health and temperament issues. We ask if you can spare anything towards our cause, please check out our links down below. 

Every £1 helps these guys and helps us help more ferrets in need!


Amazon Wishlist:

Bank details on request!

​We always need food, old bedding (towels and blankets) and shavings. These are the things we go through the most here. Pop us a message if you have any to donate!

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